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Support Your Boobs!

August 25, 2010

About a month or so ago I was running and noticed that my 'girls' were moving around a lot more than I felt comfortable with. So I thought about the sports bra I was wearing...I bought it 4 years ago. I got home and looked at all my sports bras and all of them were at least 2 years old. Most of them were 4 or even 5 years old. I decided I should really get a few new bras to properly support my boobs.

One day I went into Fleet Feet (a local running store here in Chicago) and I talked to one of the women there who told me all about bras and what I should look for in a good one. I didn't have time to try any on then but she was more than happy to fill my head with knowledge of how to care for and when to replace sports bras. A few things she told me are below:

1. Sports bras should be replaced every 6 to 12 months.
2. Do NOT put them in the dryer as it makes the elasticity of the bra fade much faster. Lay them flat or hand to dry.
3. Try to hand wash them in your sink and machine wash only when you think it really needs it. This will help it last longer as well.
4. You can actually do damage to your breast tissue if you are not wearing a supportive enough bra. Yikes!!!
5. You can use your old high intensity bra for low intensity workouts. Example, use your running bra for yoga once you've had it for a year and it's not as supportive as it once was.

Things to look for in a good supportive bra, especially for running or other high intensity workouts, are:

1. A thick band to support underneath your breasts.
2. Thick shoudler straps to hold up your breasts.
3. Racerbacks and cross strap bras are generally more supportive.

There are a few different types of sports bras out there that support in different ways. There are compression bras, which compress the breasts to the body and generally give you a uniboob look. Compression bras help the breasts from moving up and down. Then there are cup bras and separate your breasts so you can avoid the uniboob. Cup bras help to keep the breast from moving side to side. The best bra that would support boobs and their 8 figure movement would be a combination of the two as well as some additional support.

When shopping for a new bra try on many different styles and do not be afraid to jump and run in place in the dressing room to see just how supportive it will be for you. This also helps to determine how comfortable you might feel in it. I suggest going to multiple stores as well as looking online to see what those stores have to offer. If there are reviews listed for them make sure to read those as well! They can be a great help in narrowing down your search.

I did pick up a few new bras and I'll tell you all about them and what I think in a post next week!

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I had this same problem, and recently realized that I've had all my sports bras since college, which means they're at least 5 years old! I damaged the cartilage in my left boob in high school because I was wearing a sports bra that wasn't supportive enough. It's really painful - so making an investment in your boobs is really important! I always do jumping jacks in the dressing room when trying on sports bras, I feel this helps me make my decision on which bra is best.

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Jumping jacks are a great suggestion! Thanks egilbride. Sorry to hear about your cartilage.

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Thanks for the great article and sports bra shelf life reminder!

A local bra boutique recommended a lingerie wash that I now swear by: http://www.forevernew.com/
It is great stuff and helps me get more miles out of my bras.

Also, Title Nine Sports is an awesome place to score quality sports bras. They have a super lenient return policy so you can order multiples and send anything that doesn't pass the jumping jack test back with no worries.

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