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Sports Bras!

September 06, 2010

Last week I told you all about tips for shopping for a good sports bra and I figured I'd tell you how I came across my new ones.

I started out looking online at various stores, pricing and reviews to get an idea on what would be worth trying on or not. I had some ideas and stores in my head so off to Niketown I went and once I found the bras I had been looking at I was turned off my the material. I hated it and it felt odd so I tossed those aside. I tried on a few more but I wasn't keen on spending $60 on a single bra so I passed. Then I stopped at Lucy and didn't find anything to even try on! Same with PH8 and everywhere else I went.

So, of course, I headed to lululemon! There I tried on the 50 Rep bra and the All Sport Bra.

We'll start with the 50 Rep.

I had to try on a few colors in my size because the first one I tried on was super tight all over and the next few were all much more comfortable, bigger armholes and the racerback wasn't so tight. I ended up buying the Citron/Coal combination in the middle of the picture above. Having worn this for a few runs now I really like it but after a while (over an hour) the racerback starts to dig in a little bit and it can end up being uncomfortable. Also, taking it off can be tricky, especially if you are super sweaty.

All Sport Bra

The All Sport Bra was amazing from the moment I put it on! It is similar to the 50 Rep, however the back has straps that cross and the rise is higher in front. This bra is definitely the most supportive I've ever owned, doesn't get at all uncomfortable, and because it's straps it is a lot easier to take off. When running I don't feel any movement at all! This bra definitely meets all the criteria for a great running bra. Thick straps, holds the girls in really well, the fabric is wicking, and it's super comfy. I thought that I was out of luck finding another one but I went into lulu again and there they were! They were restocked in some great colors so I picked another one up and I couldn't be happier! I will definitely be wearing this when I run my half marathon on Sunday! I definitely recommened this bra if you are looking to get a new one.

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Thanks for the recommendation! =) How much was the All Sports Bra? =)

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Hi Hotlegs!

The All Sport Bra retails for $48. It is worth every penny!

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Ok thanks! My Nike bras doesn't give so much support, you see. =( Will check it out this weekend. I love their speed shorts! =)

posted by Allywan

Hi, love this post. I was just wondering if you think the lululemon bras would be good for someone on the busty side? My girls need to be reigned in.

posted by Anonymous

The best sports bra for girls on the busty side in mt opinion is the Enell Sports Bra found here: http://www.onesweetone.com/ . It stops the bounce and is very supportive and comfortable. You won't even need to wear two bras like most busty women do. Try it and you will not go back to your usual flimsy sportsbra. And they have it on sale....double bonus!! :)

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Allywan, lulu has some bras that are made for women with C-DD cups. Check out the Ta Ta Tamer, Boobs on a Wire, and The Bust Stops Here. I've never tried any of those myself but I hear they work pretty well.

posted by Julie Boucher

I have the Ta Ta Tamer and I swear by it. It is hands down the best one I've tried.

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